Small Farm Internship Program

Our internship programme offers aspiring farmers on-farm education on organic farming practices and farm business management. Each year, KSFI enrolls eligible students in a 2-year programme, using both classroom and field training to prepare participants for launching and operating a regenerative organic vegetable and pasture raised livestock farm.

Regenerative agricultural practices

Students will be strongly grounded on promoting the adoption of regenerative agricultural practices—no-till, cover crops, agroforestry, polycultures, pasture raised livestock agriculture, composting, mulching and crop rotation—to increase soil organic matter.

Livestock Farming

An important focus is to teach Eastern Cape’s beginning livestock farmers, holistic planned grazing as a regenerative farming tool. This technique is essential as it helps to build soil health, restores catchments, reduces overgrazing and topsoil erosion. Additionally it helps combat climate change and increases resiliency of our cattle, people and place.

“Learning by doing” process

The programmes is divided into six, 8-week modules on soil health and crop planning, business planning, marketing, organic production, pasture raised livestock. Field trips across the country allow the students to learn from best practise. All students are working on the farm for the duration of the incubation program allowing to apply lessons learned in real life.

Providing essential tools

Most of all, our educational programmes will equip young farmers with the tools, techniques, models, and mind-sets they need to explore the uncharted territory of profitable market gardening in South Africa.

Upon completion of the learning program, graduates may choose to participate in the the Regenerative Farm Incubation programme and launch their own farm on KSFI’s land.

Graduates will start farming on ¼ ha before they transition from KSFI to continue farming independently. Land and equipment will be offered at subsidized prices. Technical assistance from staff and partners, will be provided at no charge while in the incubator.

On a daily basis, KSFI’s experienced staff provides farmers guidance on production, management and compliance issues to help nascent farm enterprises establish themselves in a highly competitive environment.

Young Farmers Convening

At the beginning of every year KSFI will host the Young Farmers Convening to inspire and educate beginning farmers from across the country.

Our intention is to bring together young farmers, regenerative farming veterans, business and entrepreneurship leaders, chefs and food artisans, and their peers for a transformative experience.