Liza Lightfoot

FounderChief Executive Officer

Liza Lightfoot, who co-founded Kidlinks Small Farm Incubator (KSFI) with Mpumelelo Ncwadi and Asanda Apleni in 2020, is 'The Matriarch,' Chief Executive Officer of KSFI, and Ex Officio member of its Board of Directors. Her role is to manage the organization and to implement its business strategy, once approved by the Board. Liza brings to the role experience and operational skills in business start-up, management and governance.

As Kidlinks Small Farm Incubator (KSFI) begins its journey, through the ‘uncharted waters’ of the South African regenerative agriculture, our organisation will leverage Liza’s expertise, experience and wisdom to evolve staff, the organisational structure and resources towards bold institutional ‘safe fail’ experiments and resilience.

For more than forty years, Liza has lived and worked in the United States. During those intervening four decades she successfully started and grew a landscaping business and an organic vegetable farm from bottom-up.

She is now returning home to South Africa to start KSFI and advance regenerative farming that creates food security and improves the wellbeing of SA’s rural people and the places they call home.