Our story

At the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, during the crazy moment of panic buying, KSFI founders Liza Lightfoot, Mpumelelo Ncwadi and Asanda Apleni, saw an opportunity to train EC youth new regenerative ways to farm and deliver food security to those who need it most: rural households.

What began as a three musketeers’ desire to alleviate poverty and reduce regional youth unemployment has become a bottom up revolution to promote an alternative to commodity agriculture.

In 2021, the 23 ha farm that has become KSFI Demonstration and Incubation Farm has been purchased. This will soon be followed by the acquisition of a foundation herd of grassfed Nguni cattle.

Because regenerative organic farming in South Africa is a nascent farming approach that is not favoured by mainstream conventional agriculture, the history of KSFI will continue to evolve as a story of innovation, adaptation, and evolution.

Our model presents the following opportunities
for rural communities

Entrepreneurial training and job creation
Efficient food security
Improved health outcomes

KSFI’s 23 hectare demonstration farm will share efficient systems of small-scale farming, shared resources such as tools, equipment, harvesting and packing infrastructure. Coaching in sales, marketing, and financial management with access to shared office support. With the focus on agriculture education and training KSFI will be uniquely positioned to serve this need because we are targeting freshly produced high value crops produced utilizing regenerative organic methods; currently underserved young farmers with small-scale farmland; and the sales of good quality hand tools and non-GMO organic seed.



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