Youth Unemployment

The Eastern Cape has the highest unemployment rate in the country at 72%, which contributes to widespread poverty. Youth unemployment is at an all time high of 60%.

Food Security

Food security in South Africa remains a challenge, with just 30 000 commercial farmers responsible for most of the country’s food production. In 2019, 11% of South Africans suffer from hunger.

Soil Degradation

With decreasing water availability due to drought and a history of unsustainable agriculture, South Africa’s land is becoming less fertile and harder to farm. This is only exacerbated by climate change.

Why regenerative farming is the answer

  • Improves soil health
  • Requires no expensive fertilizer or machinery
  • Generates high-value organic produce
  • Fosters biodiversity
  • Promotes economic resilience in farming communities

Smallholder farming uplifts rural communities

South Africa faces complex challenges with climate change, high youth unemployment and poverty, as well as pervasive food insecurity. These challenges are especially prevalent in the Eastern Cape, where we work. The Kidlinks Small Farm Incubator addresses these social and environmental challenges simultaneously.

We believe in smallholder farming as the answer to uplift rural communities, showing youth that their dream of becoming profitable farmers and leaders is within reach.

We nurture passionate youth with big dreams

KSFI was founded to chart a new course: provide aspiring farmers with the knowledge, resources and techniques they need to start their regenerative organic and climate-smart agrifood businesses.

The resources and information KSFI offers provide these young farmers with confidence to farm with crops and livestock, prepare business plans, build mutually beneficial relationships, market their products and manage their businesses.In short, we teach these future farmers to think creatively and discover regenerative agriculture through learning by doing how to start and grow right-size profitable agribusinesses.

Our land-based farmer education and enterprise development programmes include on-farm apprenticeships, mentorships and short-term workshops. We provide farmers who lack the high-end tools and resources of their larger competitors access to technology that empowers them and help them grow.

Our mission is to enable South African youth to farm for abundance and prosperity

The Gold Standard

KSFI is a 23 ha demonstration and incubator farm near to Kayser’s Beach south of East London, South Africa. Founded in 2020, our vision is to become the gold standard for small-scale regenerative organic agriculture.

Our principles


Teach South African youth that their dream of becoming a farmer is within reach by starting small. Help people help themselves.

Learning by doing

Educate young South African farmers the importance of regenerative farming principles.


Empower students to leave with business plans in hand and an assigned mentor with a proven track record of success in business.


Join a network of young farmers worldwide who have discovered a lifestyle that is fulfilling and financially rewarding while contributing to a solution to the challenge of our time – Climate change.

Our commitment


We value the basic things we all need to live well:

● water and food security,
● economic opportunity,
● reliable and predictable prosperity,
● social equity
● environmental well being.

By enabling young farmers to use their land and adopt agroecological farming methods we aim to boost employment, enhance food security and to combat climate change.

Our Clients & Students Say